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County Poor Farm Cemetery #1

Submitted by Charlotte Winstead. 

T18N R11E S1

Taken from their records (transcribed exactly as written)

Adams, Sister Lizzie, Blytheville, AR.

Alden, Annie, (colored) entered 8/8/1933, died 9/14/1935

Arnold, A. J., born 6/16/1855 Caruthersville, died 8/3/1934 chronic T.B. and Asthma. Father John,

Mother Susan Murphy, sons James, Charles A.

Barnes, Alexander died 9/11/1869, 6y 8m 27d (NOTE: I don't know why this child is listed here if he died in 1869. The year must be wrong.)

Beaton, John, born Hornersville 4/4/1860. son Claude,Deering, 6/4/1931, Marmaduke, AR.

Bomon, Joe, paralyzed 1/1/1932, died 11/16/1934 Caruthersville

Braswell, Lon, age 64 entered 7/18/1935, died 1/7/1936, Sister Minnie Marshall

Brown, M.B., (col) 12/24/1937

Carter, Albert age about 70, died 7/10/1940

Chappell, Archie, entered 12/17/1938, died 1/11/1939, buried on farm in the presence of his folks

Crane, Nick, age 59 (col) buried 12/8/1938

Crump, Rogers, (col) 42 entered 8/30/1938, died 9/7/1938

Danial, Henry age 71, died 12/26/1936

Davis, Geo., 38 Birmingham, AL. entered 7/29/1931, died 11/12/1931

Doomers, Villa died 10/27/1936, a Negro man, His son, Booker T. Doomers, lived in Lambert, MS.

Dunn, J. E. age 76, died 4/18/1935, Negro man

Erickson, Gotfer Arter born 5/20/1888 Phelps Co. Neb., Brothers Emil of Holdridge, Neb. and Frank of Long Beach, CA.

Fagens, Enna, (col) age unk. 10/24/1937

Ford, Thomas F. born Pike Co. GA. 6/28/1875, died 11/3/1939, sister Mrs. Louise Elliott, San Antonio, TX.

Fry, Henry born 11/30/1873 Tipton Co. TN., died 6/9/1939, father Anderson, mother Cinthy Hutson

Gay, A. J., born 5/6/1861, entered 5/6/1931, died 5/30/1935 Father Joshua, Mother Catherine

Golden, P. G., age 61 from Butler County, MO. entered 8/28/1932, died 2/15/1937 at County Farm

Good, Ivan, 1/12/1888-7/3/1936

Graham, Tony, age 78 died 1/2/1936, son of Homer,Steele

Johnson, Dan died 3/5/1938

Johnson, William, (col) entered 8/18/1934, died1/16/1935

Jones, Sam age 70, died 8/3/1932, Negro,Evansville, IN.

Jordan, Docia, entered 6/1/1932, died 2/13/1937

Lake, Mattie, (col) 69 entered 10/28/1933 paralyzed, died 2/13/1936 Wardell

Lee, James age 70, died 7/8/1934, Negro

Leonard, Patrick, (col) age 36 entered 8/18/1936, died 1/10/1937

Lewis, Sam born 12/10/1883 LA., died 5/23/1943, Negro, father Louie, mother Madora, sister Anna, Port Arthur TX.., German Undertaking, Steele

Lindsey, Levi age 80, died 3/11/1934, Negro

Mayner, John W. 9/14/1861-8/2/1938, son W. H. of Braggadocio, father Luke Lewis Mayner, mother Martha Young

Mead, Simon died 9/15/1934, Negro

Meddlin, Pink age 61, died 4/3/1935

Mexican, unknown died 10/25/1937

Miles, S. N. age 71, died 5/27/1935

Moore, John R., entered 5/28/1938, died 6/13/1938

Musheart, J. E. died 3/23/1933

Neese, Ernest, 50 entered 11/5/1934, died 4/14/1935

Newbill, Mrs. Retta died 1/29/1940, Smith Undertaking,Caurthersville

Nighten, Mrs. Zelma born AL. 10/13/1902, died 10/10/1940, husband Wesley of Braggadocio

Norman, Kizzy died 8/1/1938, Negro woman

Olephant, Freddie Lee, died 10/23/1942 at Acom Farm north west of Wardell

Olsen, Tom, born 5/4/1854 Sweden, entered 10/4/1929, died 7/9/1932

Paine, Tom, (col) entered 10/15/1937, died 10/21/1937

Pool, A. L., from Hancock County, KY. 11/20/1855-12/6/1933

Pratt, Albert, age 57 12/12/1936

Price, Geo., (col) age 42 

Price, Geo. Sr., Father

Price, Sylvia 7/8/1939, Mother of Willie, Caruthersville

Ray, Albert, born 2/4/1871, died ______(date not given) Parents Joe and Nancy

Redman, Lena, (col) entered 6/29/1935, died 11/21/1935

Reedy, Sidney, born 5/3/1898, entered 1/8/1941, died 2/12/1941 Aunt Ida Jacobs, Eldorado, AR.

Richardson, George born 10/1/1868 Logan Co. KY.,died 1940, father Sam, mother Emma Cox, sons Charles and Walter Paducah, KY., daughter Corine of KY.

Robert, about 50, entered 6/1/1932. Epilepsy.

Roberts, Lillie May died 3/30/1934, Negro woman, mother Mary Taylor, Memphis

Robinson, Ella entered 12/28/1944, died 1/17/1945 Steele, Parents John and Angeline BYRD HAMOND

Robertson, Herbert, 46 Micola entered 8/26/1935, died 5/15/1937

Robertson, John age 76, died 3/21/1937

Rutledge, Salt, born 7/8/1858 IL., died 3/26/1942 Cooter

Simpson, J. B. born 10/2/1868 KY., entered 10/16/1920 broken hip, died 8/6/1932 Parents: John Mark and Sarah

Smith, Ed, age 60 entered 9/7/1937, died 12/11/1937

Smith, James, age 70 (col) entered 4/22/1939, died 4/24/1939

Spalding, Anna, age 72 entered 2/8/1937, died 1/6/1938

Stanford, Mose died 12/18/1932, Negro

Sutton, Geo. N., put off at front gate 1/7/1936, died 5/10/1936

Taylor, Hamp, entered 12/29/1939 went to Portageville to see folks, died there, unable to bury him 

Thomas, Sister Mary, Rising, AR.

Travis, Joe, age 50 entered 6/22/1933. died 10/2/1934

Turner, Lewis died 12/12/1940l, Negro man

father Gardner, mother Charity, wife Letha

Turner, Richard, (col) entered 10/26/1933, died 10/27/1934 St. Louis

Walker, Lewis died 12/27/1935, Negro man

Wallace, Laura born Feb. 7/1863 Gibson Co. TN.,died 3/28/1931

Wallen, Tom, 5/9/1939 Booth Point, TN.

Waller, Tom born 4/6/1878 Henderson Co. TN., died 5/9/1939

Ward, Thomas, 11/3/1939 Sister Louisa Elliot

Webb, Arthur born 6/7/1909, died 8/28/1942, born Jones, OK., Negro man, father Dennis of Quinn City, TX., mother Frances

Whittaker, Ed died 11/13/1932, colored man

Williams, Ed died 10/13/1935, Negro man

Wright, William age 56, died 7/26/1934, brothers, Emmett and Jesse, Newbern TN., claimed body

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