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Hayward Cemetery

Transcribed by Cindy Folks Lester and Charles Lester, Jr. on June 15, 2005. This is a list of every headstone we found in the cemetery.

ADAMS, Cletis b 10/26/1908 d 11/28/1908

ADAMS, W.H. b 2/1/1876 d 11/8/1904

BOON, Ada 8/16/1898 Daughter of GF & EB Boon

BOON, Ellen b 11/18/1863 d 7/24/1877 "Sister" Wife of HH Boon Aged 14 yrs 3mos 61 days

BOON, H.H. b 8/5/1819 d 9/29/1879 "Father"

BOON, Malinda b 11/2/1832 d 7/1/1910 "Mother"

BOON, Mary b 10/22/1859 d 2/2/1894 Wife of GM Boon

BOONE, Ellen d 7/24/1877 (year questionable-stone hard to read) Wife of H.H. Boone Aged 14 yrs, 3 mos, 61 days

BOONE, Ralph William b 3/2/1916 d 9/26/1916

BRASHER, Elmer E. b 1891 d 1910 "Son"

BRASHER, W.C. b 1854 d 1913 "Father"

COOK, Emily b 2/10/1871 d 12/13/1905 Aged 34 yrs, 10 mos, 3 days "We will meet in Glory"

CRAIG, Susie b 12/25/1859 d 3/29/1912

DARRITY, Eva May b 9/21/1883 d 8/30/1886 (footstone EMD)

DARRITY, Infant son 9/18/1882

DARRITY, W.W. b 3/31/1852 d 5/10/1893 (footstone WWD) Masonic symbol on headstone

DAUGHERTY, Emma F. b 8/12/1878 d 3/23/1904 Daughter of JJ & RA Daugherty

DAUGHERTY, Goah b 4/4/1887 d 1906

DAUGHERTY, John J. b 11/15/1850 d 12/24/1907 "Woodmen of the World"

DAUGHERTY, Rebecca b 4/9/1855 d 9/21/1913

DAUGHERTY, Sterling P. b 10/4/1884 d 7/17/1902

DEWEY, G. (no other information readable)

FISHER, Daisy Christine b 5/9/1899 d 7/9/1899 Daughter of JB & Ida Fisher "Lived 2 months"

FISHER, G.E. b 6/29/1872 d 1/15/1903

FISHER, Gracie Irene b 5/9/1899 d 7/9/1899 Daughter of JB & Ida Fisher "Lived 2 months"

FISHER, Permelia b 12/8/1898 d 6/29/1900 Daughter of GE & GA Fisher

GRAHAM, William b 11/23/1864 d 9/22/1918

GRYMES, Isaac b 4/16/1863 d 7/25/1928 "Upright and just he was in all his ways; a bright example in degenerate days

HALL, Cornelia b 12/27/1879 d 3/9/1909 Wife of W.L Hall

HUGHES, Annie b 11/22/1896 d 1/4/1898 Daughter of WH & JM Hughes

HUGHES, Joe B. b 1/10/1884 d 3/19/1904 Son of WH & MJ Hughes

LAMB Family Marker but no individual headstones

LOWES, J. (no other information readable)

LUSK, Gracie b 12/7/1909 d 7/9/911 Aged 7 mos 2 days "Baby"

MALENDON, Robert H. b 11/11/1826 d 2/9/1876

MATLEW, Missouri b 2/10/1842 d 11/20/1902

MYERS, Emma d 4/4/1888 Wife of H.C. Myers

MYERS, H.C. d 4/4/1888 Aged 32 yrs (footstone HCM)

NEWTON, Lloyd Paul b 10/7/1903 d 1/13/1904 Son of JF & JL Newton

NEWTON, Lloyd Paul b 10/7/1903 d 1/13/1904 Son of JF & JL Newton

NEWTON, Sophia W. b 2/14/1824 d 10/18/1906 "We trust our loss will be her gain and that with Christ she's gone to reign

NIX, Wm. H. d 10/10/1874 Husband of Corinthia Nix Aged 42 yrs

REEVES, Nancy G. d 2/22/1897 Aged 13 yrs, 2 mos, 2 days

RILES, Dorcas G. b 2/28/1863 d 11/29/1911 Aged 48 yrs, 2 mos, 1 day(footstone DGR)

ROBISON, Harry A. b 11/5/1902 d 7/10/1904 Son of AJ & CE Robison "Gone to be an angel"

ROBISON, Nora L. b 11/30/1898 d 3/7/99 Daughter of AJ & CE Robison "Only sleeping"

ROBISON, Susie b 10/12/1896 d 5/19/1897 Daughter of AJ & CE Robison "Budded on earth; a bloom in heaven"

ROBISON, William b 10/8/1885 d 8/24/1886 Son of AJ & CE Robison "Gone to be a better kind"

ROE, Orvalena b 3/16/1910 d 5/7/1910 (inscription under name unreadable)

ROSS, Cora J. d 11/17/1903 Aged 42 yrs 2 days

ROWLAND, Eva b 1/1890 d 9/1890 Daughter of WA & MM Rowland

ROWLAND, Lee b 9/1894 d 10/1894 Son of WA & MM Rowland

ROWLAND, Mary M b 8/18/1855 D 5/7/1898 Wife of WA Rowland (also footstone MMR)

ROWLAND, Willie b 6/1892 d 10/1892 Son of WA & MM Rowland

SANDERS, Willie, Jr. b 3/4/1910 d 9/26/1917 Son of Willie & Louisa Sanders

SMITH, Mary d 1/13/1918 Wife of JK Smith Aged 22 yrs, 1 mos, 2 days

SMITH, W.S. b 4/1884 d 7/27/1897

STEWART, Eddie A. b 5/27/1897 d 8/10/1887 Daughter of WJ & CE Stewart

STEWART, Goah b 3/29/1900 d 10/2/1900 Son of WJ & CE Stewart

TANNER, Etter Belle b 4/12/1889 d 5/6/1890 Daughter of MA & Evyleander Tanner

TANNER, Evyleander b 5/6/1872 d 2/18/1898

TANNER, Infant daughter of MA & Evyleander Tanner 2/7/1888

TERRETT, Elisa b 1/22/1847 d 9/18/1905 Wife of GT Terrett

THOMAS, W.F. b 12/8/1880 d 9/4/1898 Son of WM & LJ Thomas

THOMAS, W.M. b 7/20/1830 d 8/3/1902 (head & foot stone) Headstone is broken

TILL, Ruth M. b 1/31/1901 d 5/14/1902 Daughter of J & T Till

VADENE, J. (no other information readable)

WATSON, Annie Grimes b 1869 d 1952


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