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Holly Cemetery

Submitted by Charlotte Winstead.

If you have additional names or corrections, please send them to me so I can add them to this page. 

Next to South Pemiscot High School
Steele, MO.
T17N R11E S26

Allen, Mary Marie Crest, 2/2/1905-12/23/1923

Ballentine, Alice Jane, 12/27/1934-6/17/1937

Ballentine, Barbara Jo, 3/4/1936-11/17/1936

Ballentine, Billy Burk, 8/27/1921-9/23/1926

Ballentine, James Edward, 5/4/1919-5/20/1919

Ballentine, James Newton-Mary Ann, (double stone, no info)

Ballentine, Leo, 10/30/1928-4/11/1943

Ballentine, Mary Lou, 9/5/1931-2/10/1932Biggart, Georgia Shelton, 10/1/1865-12/22/1937

Brant, Nellie M., 1868-1939

Brewer, Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.A., 7/6/1926

Copeland, Allie, 10/30/1880-8/27/1971

Copeland, Wayne, 1898-1926

Copeland, William S., 12/5/1878-1/6/1927

Crawford, Dewey, 4/25/1907-5/2/1926 

Davis, Virgil Danny, 2/6/1946

Dodd, Joe K., 7/13/1929, 2y 6m 25d

Glass, Tommy Max, 3/19/1938-8/4/1993 (double stone with Norma)

Glass, Norma Sue, nee Maclin, 12/1/1936-11/27/1999, married 4/1/1968 (double stone)

Green, (first name unreadable), 12/13/1903 - 10/25/1915

Hayslip, Nomer L., s/o J.M. and Maud, 12/15/1914 (NOTE: 1914 is the birth date. This child died 3/5/1924 in St. Joseph Hospital in Memphis, TN.)

Holly, Emer Geene, 11/12/1921-4/19/1989 “in loving memory”

Holly, Dean, 3/15/1920-2/9/1974 (double stone with Robert)

Holly, Lora May Brigance/infant daughter, 9/22/1913 - 2/9/1938

Holly, Miles A., 8/12/1907-9/3/1974

Holly, Nora, w/o P.H., 7/9/1882-3/5/1920

Holly, P. H., 2/3/1871-12/28/1926

Holly, Pinkney H., 5/30/1911-1/20/1964, MO. Sgt. Co.L 350Inf. BSM PH WW2

Holly, Robert, 12/30/1919 (double stone with Dean)

Holly, Walter N., 9/7/1915-8/20/1984

Holly, Walter Newton, 1915-1984, SP5 US Army WW2 Korea

Holly, William A., 10/2/1913-9/11/1967, MO. SSgt. USAF WW2 Korea

Hood, Ernestine, 11/15/1922-4/12/1995

Lipscomb, Billie Clifton, 4/9/1921-7/17/1922

Lipscomb, Charles Warren, 12/15/1890-10/22/1935

Maclin, Baby s/o Earl and Helen, 1/1/1935

Maclin, Earl “Goat”, 8/14/1909 - 8/22/1991, Sgt. US Army WW2 (double stone)

Maclin, Helen Holly, 9/18/1917-9/16/2000, married 6/2/1934 

Martin, Peggy M. Thompson, 3/11/1934-2/14/1995

McCants, John A., 1878-1937 (double stone)

McCants, Della, 1897- ______ (double stone)

McMeans, Elizabeth Flora, 8/27/1919-2/7/1988

McMeans, John F., 1878-1962 (double stone)

McMeans, Mary, 1885-1950 (double stone

McMeans, Lois, 12/31/1919-2/9/1935

Nelson, Arbell Meador, 3/22/1851-7/13/1933

Nelson, Carlos Clay, 7/2/1925 (double stone) 

Nelson, Naoma Ruth, 9/1/1932 (double stone)

Nelson, Pearl, w/o Travis, 9/15/1894-6/7/1971

Nelson, Travis E., husband of Pearl Meadows, 2/7/1901 - 10/18/1959

Petty, Eula G., 2/9/1881-6/2/1966 (double stone)

Petty, Walter E., 1/9/1887-10/9/1945 (double stone)

Petty, Sewell, 9/17/1908-8/21/1922

Petty, Wanda Ruth, d/o Everett and Dorothy, 1927-1929

Pounds, large stone inscribed “W.G. Pounds Family” (no info)

Prichard, Carlie, 7/15/1899-12/10/1959 (has Odd Fellows symbol) (double stone with Eliza F.)

Prichard, Carline, 1929-1938 (double stone with Dorothy) 

Prichard, Dorothy, 1920-1926 (double stone)

Prichard, Eliza F., 3/16/1902-2/20/1988, Eastern Star 

Prichard, Charles J., 4/8/1864-3/10/1925 “Woodsmen of the World” Lodge #859

Prichard, Lucy Parrish, w/o Charles, 3/13/1869 - 6/13/1925

Rutledge, Dessie Nadine, d/o Dale and Hattie, 1929-1931

Rutledge, Loma Nadine, d/o Dale and Hattie, 1921-1923

Shrader, Carrie Everett, 11/11/1889-1/22/1966

Shrader, Clarence W., 5/11/1884-4/19/1941

Shrader, Fannie V., 11/22/1864-1/15/1935

Shrader, Gene, 5/31/1907-7/22/1976 (double stone with Viola)

Shrader, Samuel H., h/o F. V., 2/28/1858-5/1/1926

Shrader, Viola, 2/28/1905-9/15/1974 (double stone with Gene)

Smith, Polkie, 8/5/1920 (double stone with Mary Sue) 

Smith, Mary Sue, 3/17/1926-4/7/1926, “children of Shirley and Burbon” (double stone with Polkie) 

Smith, Susan Ida, 9/2/1865-2/3/1948 (double stone with Wm. Burr) 

Smith, William Burr, 9/21/1856-1/19/1927 (double stone with Susan I.)

Treece, Charles M., 11/8/1874-6/24/1922

Treece, George F., 1905- _______

Treece, George W., 9/14/1869-5/18/1926, Mason

Treece, Grace Elaine, d/o G.W. and M.J., 7/6/1907 - 9/5/1929

Treece, Larkin, 5/12/1849-4/19/1927

Tubbs, Claude, s/o Ezra and wife, 1922-1925

Wallace, J. A., Jr., 7/9/1920-6/2/1922

Wallace, John W., 1853-1926

Wallace, Minnie E., 2/26/1895-5/2/1964 - Eastern Star (double stone with J. Atlas)

Wallace, J. Atlas, 3/31/1891-2/9/1959, MO. Cpl. Air Service WW2- Masons (double stone with Minnie E.)

Woolbright, Everett, 9/31/1895-9/15/1950, MO. Cpl. 139 Inf. 35 Div. WW1

Young, James W., 1939-1940 

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