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Civil War Soldiers of Pemiscot
1st Inf. Co. D
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1st Inf. Co. D Missouri

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Alexander, Z., D
Applegate, John, D
Barcrof, J.H., D
Barcroft, Ben F., D
Barcroft, James H., D
Beakey, Lewis B., D
Berryman, John W., D
Boatwright, J. R., D
Boatwright, John, D
Bochright, John, D
Bonner, Robert, D
Bonnor, Robert, D
Boyce, Joseph, D
Boyd, James W., D
Boyd, Joseph W., D
Brannon, Edward, D
Brennan, Edward, D
Brooks, Bailey, D
Brown, Richard, B,D
Brownell, John W., DFE
Buckley, William, D
Bunnell, J. W., DFE
Burch, William W., D
Burke, Martin, D
Bush, Robert W., D
Butler, William, D
Byrd, Charles A., D
Byrne, Andrew J., DFB
Callaghan, D., D
Callahan, Dennis, D
Carlisle, Samuel S., D
Carver, James H., D
Clark, William, D
Collins, Patrick W., D
Conner, Andrew, D
Conner, Antoine, D
Connor, Anthony, D
Corkerry, John J., D
Corkery, John J., D
Corner, Anthony, D
Crala, Patrick, D
Crawla, Patrick, D
Crawlay, Pat, D
Crawley, J.F., D
Crowkey, John P., D
Crowlai, Patrick, D
Crowley, John F., D
Crowley, John T., D
Crullay, Patrick, D
Davis, Nathan, D
Depriest, A.M., D
Depriest, H.M., D
Dillon, Thomas, D
Donavan, Joseph T., D
Donovan, Joseph T., D
Doolan, Patrick, D
Dowdall, William, D,F
Dowdell, William, D,F
Duffy, Robert J., D
Dwyer, Thomas, D
Fagin, Edward B., D
Feagan, Edward B., D
Fipps, Joseph, D
Fitzwilliam, P. S., D
Fitzwilliams, Peter L., D
Forrester, S. C., D
Fox, J. C., D
Fox, Silas, D
Gardener, Michael, D
Gardner, Michael A., D
Gardner, Michael, D
Govin, Frank, D
Graham, Robert, D
Green, George, D
Hadsell, Aleck, D
Hadsill, Aleck, D
Hadsill, Charles, D
Hadsill, James, D
Hall, R.R., D
Hall, Reuben B., D
Harris, Francis M., D
Harris, Francis N., D
Harrison, James T., D
Harrisson, James T., D
Harves, Smith L., D
Haslep, Chris, D
Heslep, Christian, D
Heslip, C., D
Hodnett, William, D
Horam, Jeremiah, D
Horan, J.J., D
Horan, John J., D
Horral, J.J., D
House, William, D
Ingraham, William C., D
Ingram, Job, D
Ingram, William C., D
Johnston, James M., D
Keener, Jesse, D
Kennett, F.B., D
Kennett, Ferdinand B., D
Laubshira, Otto K., D
Laubshire, Otto K., D
Lee, Johnson B., D
Lobshire, Otto K., D
Macdonald, M. S., D
Macdonald, Malcolm, D
Marshan, Eugene, D
Mathews, Joseph R., D
Matthews, Joseph R., D
McDonnell, Charles, D
McMahon, John, D,H
McMann, John, D,H
Mercer, Eugene, D
Mercer, Lugene, D
Merdiant, Eugene, D
Merdiant, Lugene, D
Moore, Robert W., D,I
Mulligan, John, B,D
O'Connell, Dan, D
O'Donnell, Patrick, D
O'Neil, Michael, D
Pierce, John, D
Pitcher, Edward C., D
Plunkett, John, D
Racine, Frank, D
Ralph, W.L., D
Reaves, Edward, D,B
Reed, Sam H., D
Reeve, Edmond, D,B
Reeve, Edward A., D,B
Reeves, Edward, D,B
Reid, Sam H., D
Rowe, Edward A., D,B
Salesbury, R., D
Salisbury, Richard, D
Salsbury, Richard, D
Saulsbury, Richard, D
Scott, William P., D
Sexton, Jeff, D
Shea, John J., D
Simpson, Charles J., D
Smith, William N., D
Snyder, James T., D
Snyder, Joseph T., D
Spaier, John, D
Spaine, John, D
Spane, John, D
Spaul, John, D
Stanton, Thomas, D
Staunton, Thomas, D
Stewart, Thomas A., D
Summers, William, D
TRUE, Alfred H., D
Warbritton, William T., D
White, Henry K., D
White, John H., D
Wilcox, Robert, D
Williams, James W., D
Williams, James, D
Williams, John, D
Williams, W.L., D
Woodside, J. Posey, D


Military Records for Pemiscot, Missouri






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