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1882-1898 Colored Marriages
1888-1900 A-H
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Submitted Marriage Records


1888-1900 A-H Marriages

Pemiscot Co., MO Marriage Records 
submitted by Mattie. If you have additional pages in this record, please send them in.
Ballard, Iza to Georgia Hicks, Jul 4, 1897 

Bandy, James L. to Miss Annie E. Ross, Aug 2, 1885

Barcroft, B. F. to Miss Bettie Chandler Feb 21, 1883

Barger, W. L to Ella Rose, issued 3 Jan 1896, filed 8
21 Feb 1896, "Not Used"

Barger, Louis to Ella Gossett, May 27, 1896

Barnes, John N. to Lucy Fisher, Dec 22, 1889
Barnes, Joseph to Mary E. Dills, Jan 18, 1894

Barnes, S. W. to Frances Cotton, Feb 9, 1896

Barr, Richard to Della Cook, Apr 14, 1894 

Barry, William E. to Maggie Rice, Oct 4, 1885

Bates, Fleming to Mrs. W. J. Woods Sep13, 1885 
both of Dyer Co. TN

Bayers, Orville to Laura Dicus (Ose Dicus - father) Oct 24, 1897

Baynes, John W. (under age) to Ellen Polly, (under age) Sep 2, 1888

Baynes, W.C. to Elizabeth Woods, Dec 27, 1893

Baynes, Harson to Alice Clements Jun 13, 1897 (W. C. Baynes and J. B. Clements-fathers)
Hedges, G. A. to Ada E. Hudgens, Aug 9, 1891
Hedges, G. H. to Mollie Wilson, Oct 13, 1895 

Helm, William S. to Meta M. Davis, Mar 29, 1892

Helton, Walker to Racheal Cooper, Feb 22, 1896 

Henderson, Riley to Alice Darnall, Dec 24, 1890 

Henshaw, J. E. to A. Mittie Carter, Dec 15, 1894

Hensley, John to Miss V. Mooneyham, Jun 17, 1883 
Herrin, S. of Webster Co., KY to Miss M.A. Skinner, Nov 15, 1883

Herrin, J. W. to Marietta Baker, Feb 19, 1897

Hester, James L. to Mary T. Endsley, Dec 2, 1891

Hickerson, John to Charity Mills, Jul 23, 1893 

Hickerson, J. H. to Mollie F. Gann, Jan 27, 1897 

Hicks, James to Mary Morgan, Dec 25, 1887

Hicks, R. to Julian Bledsow, Mar 29, 1891

Hill, William to Cass Dunnigan, Jun 17, 1885 

Hill, W. M. to Melinda Boon, Jun 1, 1887 

Hill, W. G. to Mrs. Ellen Martin, Feb 16, 1888


Marriage Records for Pemiscot, Missouri






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