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Baird, Ely D.
Boardman, Sylvester
Cunningham, Franklin A.
Dodd, William B.
Gaither, J. W.
Holly, James
Johnson, James W.
LaForge, Pierre A.
McIntire, Louisa
Sanders, James F.
Walker, John
Walker, John H.
Watkins, James H.
Webb, George B.
Wilks, John E.
Wilks, John E. - 2


Cunningham, Franklin Aaron

submitted by Marilyn Liesmann

Descendants of Franklin Aaron CUNNINGHAM
Page 1
11 Sep 2008
Franklin Aaron CUNNINGHAM (b.10 May 1822-Elizabethtown,Hardin,Kentucky,USA;d.16 Jan 1892-Caruthersville,P,M,USA)
sp: Mary Esther JOHNSON (b.18 Dec 1839-of New Albany,Floyd,Indiana,USA;m.20 Nov 1860;d.15 Nov 1917-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,M,USA)
Sallie Melissa CUNNINGHAM (b.11 May 1861-Tiptonville,Obion,Tennessee,USA;d.23 Feb 1917-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Frank Davis ROBERTS (b.25 Dec 1855-Dyersburg,Dyer,Tennessee,USA;m.21 Dec 1882;d.18 Feb 1918-Caruthersville,P,Missouri,USA)
Grace E. ROBERTS (b.9 Sep 1884-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;d.3 Jun 1915-Cauthersville,Pemiscott,Missouri,USA)
sp: Clellan TINDLE (b.Abt 1880-of Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
Mary Esther ROBERTS (b.Sep 1885-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Arthur Lee OLIVER (m.29 Oct 1907)
John OLIVER (b.25 Aug 1910-Caruthersville,Pemiscott,Missouri,USA)
James OLIVER (b.1 Jan 1914-Caruthersville,Pemiscott,Missouri,USA)
Nell C. ROBERTS (b.Oct 1887-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
Ernestine ROBERTS (b.Feb 1890-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
Franklin Davis ROBERTS (b.29 Jun 1892-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;d.24 Dec 1930)
Floyd B. ROBERTS (b.Jun 1895-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
John Aaron CUNNINGHAM (b.20 Mar 1863-,,Tennessee,USA;d.12 Nov 1923)
sp: Virginia L. FARIS (b.25 Oct 1872-,,Missouri,USA;m.29 Feb 1896;d.30 May 1957)
CUNNINGHAM (b.Mar 1897-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;d.1897-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
Frank Faris CUNNINGHAM (b.1 Dec 1898-,,Missouri,USA;d.8 Jul 1956-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
John CUNNINGHAM (b.1903-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
Robert CUNNINGHAM (b.1905-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
Dick Lyman CUNNINGHAM (b.1907-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
Charles Lee CUNNINGHAM (b.2 Oct 1865-,,Tennessee,USA;d.17 Aug 1941-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Mrs Florence A. CUNNINGHAM (b.1877-,,Tennessee,USA;m.1902)
Lela CUNNINGHAM (b.1910-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Alice Susan SCOTT (b.Jun 1870-,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;m.1 Feb 1888;d.18 Oct 1899-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
Elnora CUNNINGHAM (b.Aug 1891-,,Missouri,USA)
Mary Esther CUNNINGHAM (b.Apr 1894-,,Missouri,USA)
Charles Lee CUNNINGHAM (b.16 Aug 1896-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;d.24 Jun 1966-Memphis,Shelby,Tennessee,USA)
Franklin Johnson CUNNINGHAM (b.15 Dec 1867-,,Tennessee,USA;d.8 Mar 1944-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Harriet Hattie CURTNER (b.29 Aug 1871-Braggadocia,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;m.8 Jan 1893;d.7 Jun 1929-Caruthersville,P,M,USA)
Ruth Ellen CUNNINGHAM (b.Dec 1893-,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Edward H. STADLER
Sarah Cathryn STADLER
sp: Robert GREEN
sp: W.W. LONG (m.21 Jan 1916)
Margie Cunningham LONG
sp: Henry C. WERTH
Franklin C. CUNNINGHAM Jr. (b.26 Aug 1895-Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;d.26 Dec 1942-Memphis,Shelby,Tennessee,USA)
sp: Nellie BAILY
Frank Bailey CUNNINGHAM (b.31 Mar 1919-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;d.19 Jul 1925-Caruthersville,Pemiscot,M,USA)
Howard Putnam CUNNINGHAM (b.Dec 1897-,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Lorene ELLIS
Howard Putnam CUNNINGHAM Jr.
Earl Ellis (Mike) CUNNINGHAM

Descendants of Franklin Aaron CUNNINGHAM
Page 2
11 Sep 2008
Anna Edna CUNNINGHAM (b.Dec 1899-,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Harry BAKER
Demetra Ann BAKER
sp: Charles G. ROSS
Harriett Demetra CUNNINGHAM (b.1904-,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA)
sp: Richard A. MEDCALF
Richard Cunningham MEDCALF
sp: Marion MADISON
Gene Franklin MEDCALF
William Griffith MEDCALF
Clinton Hardin CUNNINGHAM (b.16 Dec 1869-,Pemiscot,Missouri,USA;d.22 May 1929)
sp: Nancy B. MCCLANAHAN (b.20 Mar 1878-,Vernon County,Missouri,USA;m.2 Jan 1898;d.24 Jun 1927)
Maurine W. CUNNINGHAM (b.Dec 1898-,,Missouri,USA)

First Families in Pemiscot, Missouri






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